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Unprecedented Support For Palestinian Cause At NDP Convention Blocked By Party Establishment PDF Print E-mail
Feb 17, 2018 at 01:10 PM
OTTAWA - Independent Jewish Voices Canada is frustrated by anti-democratic steps taken by the NDP establishment to block a strong resolution supporting Palestinian rights from reaching the convention floor for debate. Instead, a much weaker resolution, which reflects the weak existing position the party has taken on Israel-Palestine, will be debated.

Despite obtaining the official support of 26 riding associations in six provinces - more than any other resolution - the Palestine Resolution was ranked as 37th out of 45 foreign policy resolutions by the Party's undemocratic prioritization committee in order to prevent it from getting to the convention floor. By comparison, the top ten resolutions selected in the same category received a combined total of only 17 endorsements.

When the prioritization was challenged at a re-prioritization session on Friday morning, the resolution was voted down by just eleven votes (200-189).

'In what was an extremely tight vote, NDP members have shown our strongest support for Palestinian rights in history,' said NDP member and IJV spokesperson Genevieve Nevin. 'The fervor around this resolution shows the clear split between the party's grassroots - especially its younger members - and the party establishment.'
The resolution was endorsed unanimously at the Young New Democrats convention on Thursday. It was also supported by MP Niki Ashton, former MP Libby Davies and notable figures, including prominent academic Alain Deneault and activist Rabbi David Mivasair.

'It is clear that the party establishment did not want this resolution to pass, so they ranked it near the bottom of the list and stacked the re-prioritization room with party operatives, including members of the caucus who voted against it,' said Nevin.

Besides the Palestine resolution, which called for banning products made in Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank from Canada, a total of twelve other resolutions supporting Palestinian rights were passed by riding associations across the country.

'We are disappointed that the party's commitment to Love and Courage still does not extend to Palestinians,' continued Nevin. 'But we will continue to build the momentum we've gained from this tremendous national effort. The party establishment may have succeeded in blocking efforts to support Palestinian rights for now, but they will not be able to hold back the tide of justice forever.'

IJV would like to thank all those who participated in this wonderful effort by supporting it at their riding associations, contacting their MPs, and attending the convention.

For more information please contact:

Genevieve Nevin
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