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Mar 05, 2014 at 01:08 PM
Jewish group endorses Israeli Apartheid Week, rejects politicians’ baseless allegations of anti-Semitism
OTTAWA – Independent Jewish Voices – Canada (IJV), a national Jewish human rights organization, is proud to endorse the tenth annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) and rejects any claims that the initiative is anti-Semitic. 
IAW organizers have always been committed to providing a safe, respectful and anti-racist environment in which to discuss the controversial subject of Israel's relationship with Palestinians. This is an environment in which anti-Semitism is outright condemned, despite allegations from Canadian politicians that applying the term Apartheid to Israel is in itself anti-Semitic.
"It has been argued by international experts — and even by many leading Israeli and Jewish academics, politicians and human rights leaders — that Israel is guilty of the crime of Apartheid against the indigenous Palestinians," says IJV spokesperson Tyler Levitan. "What term would critics of IAW use to describe Israel's laws and policies that subjugate Palestinians through a system of colonization, land and resource theft, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, and Jewish-only privileges?”
In Prime Minister Harper’s speech to the Israeli parliament in January, he called the labelling of Israel as an Apartheid state the “new anti-Semitism.”  In a CBC discussion following Harper’s speech, this accusation was echoed by NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar and Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Marc Garneau.


"To characterize criticism of Israeli government policies as anti-Semitic — regardless of how uncomfortable it may be for supporters of Israel to hear — is defamatory and creates a chilling effect on free speech in this country," says Levitan. "Palestinians and their supporters in Canada should not be made to feel intimidated by politicians from the major federal political parties. Freedom to speak one’s mind, especially in support of universal human rights, should be welcomed in this country, not silenced.”
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Israel asks Supreme Court to delay evacuation of West Bank settlement

The Associated Press - Sunday, June 22, 2012

JERUSALEM — Israel's government on Sunday asked the country's Supreme Court to delay the evacuation of an unauthorized West Bank settlement outpost by a month, its latest attempt to put off a potential clash with extremist settlers. No court decision was announced.

The Migron outpost, about 15 kilometres north of Jerusalem, was built on privately owned Palestinian land, a practice the court outlawed decades ago. Some Migron settlers have petitioned the court to remain in their homes. About a third of them claim they've recently bought the land where their houses stand from Palestinians.

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