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Feb 17, 2007 at 02:45 PM

Friday, February 23rd

A Palestine Community Centre event

Get the Latest Report Backs from our Distinguished Presenters 

Stephen Aberle - Jews for a Just Peace
Keith Reynolds - Sabeel Canada
Jon Elmer - Freelance Photojournalist
  • Friday, February 23 from 7-9:30pm
  • Palestine Community Centre
  • 1874 Kingsway Ave, Vancouver
Admission by donation appreciated


Jews for a Just Peace member Stephen Aberle spent a week in late October participating in a study tour coordinated by ICAHD, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Tour participants visited dozens of organizations and individuals in cities, towns and villages in the West Bank and elsewhere, learning about some of the challenges facing Palestinians and Israelis working for peace and justice. The tour concentrated on areas close to Bethlehem and East Jerusalem, with trips to Hebron, Ramallah, the Negev and Tel Aviv / Jaffa. Stephen will share some of his observations and responses, and will offer suggestions for opportunities to support a wide variety of Palestinian and Israeli peace and justice groups. 

Keith Reynolds is a member of  Sabeel, Canada, and will report on the PARC (Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees) and it�s Olive Oil Co-op and the MAP (Medical Aid for Palestine) Playground Campaign that has so far built 8 playgrounds in the Palestinian refugee camps. He will also present a short video of two protests he attended in the city of Bil'in. Bil'in is a village of 16,000 that has had approximately 60% of its land confiscated for the Wall. This constitutes 70% of its agricultural land.

Jon Elmer is a Canadian freelance writer and photojournalist specializing in the Middle East. He has researched and reported from the West Bank and Gaza Strip - based in Jenin and Gaza City - during the al-Aqsa intifada [2003], following Israel’s “disengagement” from the Gaza Strip [2005], and during the sanctions regime and factional strife [2007]. He will discuss and show pictures from his latest trips to Lebanon and Gaza.

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Blood and Champagne
EVERY PEOPLE elevate the profession in which they excel.

If a person in the street were asked to name the area of enterprise in which we Israelis excel, his answer would probably be: Hi-Tech. And indeed, in this area we have recorded some impressive achievements. It seems as if hardly a day passes without an Israeli start-up company that was born in a garage being sold for hundreds of millions. Little Israel is one of the major hi-tech powers in the world.

But the profession in which Israel is not only one of the biggest, but the unchallenged Numero Uno is: liquidations.

This week this was proven once again. The Hebrew verb "lekhassel" - liquidate - in all its grammatical forms, currently dominates our public discourse. Respected professors debate with academic solemnity when to "liquidate" and whom. Used generals discuss with professional zeal the technicalities of "liquidation", its rules and methods. Shrewd politicians compete with each other about the number and status of the candidates for "liquidation".

INDEED, FOR a long time now there has not been such an orgy of jubilation and self-congratulation in the Israeli media as there was this week. Every reporter, every commentator, every political hack, every transient celeb interviewed on TV, on the radio and in the newspapers, was radiant with pride. We have done it! We have succeeded! We have "liquidated" Imad Mughniyeh!

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