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Dec 03, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Show Notes:

Alert! Radio #137 - Marc Lee in Seattle Ten years Ago--and Copenhagen. Peter Kulchyski at the Vancouver Gathering of Defenders of the Land. Mordecai Briemberg on the campaign linking  anti-semitism with criticism of Israel.

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A coronavirus coup in broad daylight

As democracy goes into quarantine and surveillance of citizens becomes the norm, Israel is heading straight for an autocracy run by Benjamin Netanyahu.


A state of emergency provides the government with an opportunity to corrupt power itself, promote foreign interests, and go after political rivals using tools and methods that the government wouldn’t be able to use on an ordinary day due to stiff resistance from the opposition. A state of emergency gives the government the opportunity to exploit the fear and uncertainty of the public, which is busy dealing with private or family issues and the (real or imagined) threats around the corner, to take steps unthinkable in times of normalcy.

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