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Sep 30, 2009 at 03:24 AM

Mordecai Briemberg

Remember the Israeli bombardment of Gaza in December and January? It seared the conscience of millions around the world. Reports from numerous human rights organizations and United Nations commissions continue to document the horrors meticulously. Human Rights Watch just released a report on the unarmed Palestinian women and children who, holding up white flags, were shot down by Israeli soldiers.

Libby Davies, part of a three-person group of MP’s in August, was able to enter Gaza for only 24 “intense hours”. She wrote in her blog what took her by surprise, something that will hit home with many working people.

“You never know in advance what it is that will get to you, so I am surprised that for me, it’s the Karni industrial area. It’s not the parliament building, a cascading wreck of concrete, nor the shelled and bombed houses, nor the horrendous refugee camps (800,000 of Gaza's 1.5 million population are refugees) that have existed for ever. Nor is it the garbage, dead animals here and there, and the vacant empty buildings with broken windows and doors hanging off. It’s this industrial area in the north-east part of the city - flattened and obliterated by exiting forces of the IDF. In the last 48 hours of the war they left via this area and destroyed it on their way out. There were 4000 factories and industries. Now there are 250. Gaza was famous for its furniture making. There were biscuit factories, ice cream factories, and machine and industrial enterprises, to name a few. Almost all gone, almost as a parting shot on their way out. It’s only then that I begin to get it - we are so used to the messages that the war was about destroying terrorists. But this was about destroying the economy and livelihood of the whole of Gaza society.”

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