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Jun 14, 2007 at 02:05 PM

Vancouver Community Television Association

Shaw Cable 4
Saturday  6:00pm
Sunday at 9:00 pm
Wednesday at midnight
Thursday  11:00am
Friday    3:00am

Program starting Saturday June 16th.

First,  "Where's Ottawa?" A newly formed Citywide Housing Coalition (CWHC)  challenge Federal MP's, (those who were brave enough to attend) on Ottawa's role in the lack of affordable housing in Vancouver.

Second: "Forty Years of Israeli Military Occupation": CanPal's press conference featuring Dr. Naseer Aruri, Sven Robinson, Sister Elizabeth Kelliher, Ken Davidson, and others..

Third: "Forty Years of Israeli Military Occupation": Forum at the Vancouver Public Library featuring Dr. Naseer Aruri and Toronto Journalist Jon Elmer.

VCTA can also be viewed at Novus TV, every day at 2:30 am, 6:30 am and
10:00 pm
And always at:  www.pasifikost.ca

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Depressed about the situation in the Middle East? You may not be looking in the right places

News from Israel/Palestine

by Peter Larson

Israel has carried out deadly bombing raids over Gaza, killling and wounding many in alleged reprisals for a kidnapping/murder in the West Bank. But what effect is its show of muscle having on Israel's reputation around the world?

Several people have written to me in the last week about how discouraged they are about recent developments in the Middle East.

"How much more pain and suffering can anyone endure?"
"Will it ever change?"

In fact there is lots of reason to be optimistic if you look at what is happening on the world scene.

Read full article: http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=17eaae75f7dfe1659c149b0ef&id=ddde9d1865

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