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Jun 30, 2002 at 09:06 PM
Please sign and ask your organization(s) to endorse this statement protesting Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinians and to demand an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Contact Canpalnet at support@canpalnet.ca or call 604-298-9638 for further information or to have your name listed on the statement. This is a campaign of people living in Canada and of Canadian citizens resident abroad.

It is the responsibility of all people in Canada to insist on the inviolability and universality of human rights. As such, and compelled by our government’s failure to meet its obligations to the Palestinian people, we call for an immediate change in Canada’s Middle East policy.

While proclaiming that all peoples in the region have a right to security, successive Canadian governments have condoned Israel’s systematic violation of the Palestinian population’s basic human right to live free of military coercion and violence.

Collective punishment, land expropriation, home demolitions, extra-judicial killings and the daily humiliation of an entire population provide fertile soil for the growth of brutality and the perpetration of atrocities. Continuing military occupation is the root cause of the present spiral of violence between the Palestinian and Israeli populations.

We urgently demand that the Canadian government assume its international responsibilities regarding the illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. We call on the Canadian government to publicly and unequivocally demand the immediate and unilateral withdrawal of all Israeli military forces from the Palestinian Territories occupied in June 1967 and the dismantlement of illegal settlements.

We demand the Canadian government uphold the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding civilian populations under military occupation (enacted following the atrocities of World War II). We call on the Canadian government to respond to Israel’s continuing non-compliance with the rule of law by joining the international community in the censure and sanction of the illegal Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.

In so doing, we affirm the universality of our basic human rights, and protest their selective application by the Canadian government.



 1,391 signers as of February, 2010

Where individual names are followed by an organizational affiliation in brackets and with an asterisk (*), this is to indicate the affiliation is only for purposes of identification. When an organization as a whole has endorsed the statement, the name of the organization appears separately.

  1.  Bill Saunders (President, Vancouver and District Labour Council)*
  2.  Judy Rebick (New Political Initiative)
  3.  Denise Nadeau
  4.  Vancouver Non-violent Training Collective
  5.  Nettie Wild, film maker
  6.  George Heyman, (President, BC Government and Service Employees Union)*
  7.  Naomi Klein, journalist
  8.  Leo Panitch, co-editor Socialist Register
  9.  Cathy Walker (CAW)*
  10.  Evert Hoogers National Union Representative (Canadian Union of Postal Workers - CUPW)*
  11.  David Fennario, playwright performer
  12.  Tito Alvarado, President (International Proyecto Cultural SUR)*
  13.  Faye Blaney (Aboriginal Women’s Action Network)*
  14.  Sunera Thobani (Women’s Studies, UBC)*
  15.  Libby Davies MP
  16.  Carolyn Parrish MP Mississauga Centre
  17.  Colleen Beaumier, MP Brampton West-Mississauga
  18.  Natalie Jewett, Executive Assistant to Colleen Beaumier, MP
  19.  Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in BC
  20.  Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW-STTP)
  21.  Deborah Bourque, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW-STTP)
  22.  South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
  23.  Sam Gindin, professor (York University)*
  24.  Earl Peach, conductor (Vancouver Solidarity Notes)*
  25.  Ursula M. Franklin C.C. FRSC, University Professor Emerita, (University of Toronto)*
  26.  Anton Kuerti, musician
  27.  Riadh Muslih (editor, Al Shorouq)*
  28.  Carl Rosenberg editor, (Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine)*
  29.  Seth Klein
  30.  Dave Havard (Deacon, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church)*
  31.  Natalie Polansky La Roche (OPSIEU)*
  32.  Cynthia Flood, author
  33.  Sandy Shreve, poet
  34.  David Diamond, artistic director (Headlines Theatre)*
  35.  Agnes Huang (Direct Action Against Refugee Exploitation)*
  36.  Campaign to End the Sanctions Against the People of Iraq
  37.  Raymond Favreau, attorney
  38.  Svend Robinson, Member of Parliament for Burnaby-Douglas
  39.  Kikelola Roach
  40.  Rehab Nazzal
  41.  Women Against the Occupation
  42.  Filomena Carvalho (immigrant women’s Health Centre, Toronto)*
  43.  b.h.Yael
  44.  Pam Frache, president (Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1281)*
  45.  Reverend Sue Jackson (Bethany United Church)*
  46.  Luis Lama, Blackcat
  47.  Gregory Baum, (McGill University - le centre justice et foi)*
  48.  Karrie Porter, chair (Niagara Coalition Against War and Racism)*
  49.  Anita Fast (Christian Peacemaker Team Volunteer)*
  50.  Dr. Fred Judson, political science professor (University of Alberta)*
  51.  Salome Lukas, (Women Working with Immigrant Women)*
  52.  Elia Zureik, sociology professor (Queen’s University)
  53.  Dr. Gabor Mate, physician and author
  54.  Gloria J. Catch, writer
  55.  Murray Dobbin, author, (Council of Canadians)*
  56.  Glamorous Outcasts, Toronto membership
  57.  Amina Sherazee, staff lawyer (Downtown Legal Services, Toronto)* and counsel (Canadian Arab Federation)*
  58.  Annaliese Schultz, Lecturer in Italian (University of British Columbia)*
  59.  Ken Luckhardt (National Representative International Department, CAW-Canada)*
  60.  Marie Zarowny, for the Provincial Leadership of the Sisters of St. Ann, Victoria
  61.  Clayton Bagwell, sawmill electrician
  62.  Elisabeth Sterken (Director, INFACT Canada)*
  63.  Atif Durani, vice-president Pakistan Students Association, York University
  64.  Ali Kazini, film-maker
  65.  Mike Krebs (Anti-Poverty Committee)*
  66.  Dr. Margaret J. McGregor
  67.  Michael Lynk, professor law (University of Western Ontario)*
  68.  Jane Williams, (Board of Directors member, Vancouver Cooperative Radio)*
  69.  Lorraine Chisholm
  70.  Jim Quail, legal director (Hospital Employees' Union)*
  71.  Carmela Allevato
  72.  Suresh Pal Singh Bhalla
  73.  Bob Rosen, past president (Surrey Teachers' Association)*
  74.  Arnold Itwaru, writer and artist (Director, Carribean Studies, University of Toronto)*
  75.  Paul Puritt (Canadian Labour Congress)*
  76.  Native Youth Movement, Victoria
  77.  Raj Chouhan, trade unionist
  78.  Iris Fabiola Naguib, refugee, immigrant and women's counsellor (BFLI and ISS)
  79.  Kelly B. Schnare, (Dalhousie University)*, sister to a Navy soldier
  80.  Halifax Mobilization for Global Justice
  81.  Charles Demers, opinions editor (Peak newspaper, Simon Fraser University)*
  82.  Meyer Brownstone (Oxfam Canada-"chair emeritus")
  83.  The Reverend Margaret Marquardt (St. Margaret’s Anglican Church)*
  84.  End Legislative Poverty Coalition
  85.  Carnegie Community Centre Association
  86.  Jason Wettstein (Eyeaxis Communications)*
  87.  Madeleine Parent, Women's and Unions' Rights
  88.  Check Your Head: the Youth Global Education Network
  89.  Jayce Salloum, media artist
  90.  Linda Cornwell, Community Health Promoter
  91.  Ron Bourgeault, sociology professor (University of Regina)*
  92.  Anne Hubert, psychologist
  93.  Ruth Birn
  94.  Carmen Rodriguez, co-chair Social Justice Task Force (Writers Union of Canada)*
  95.  Nora Patrich, artist
  96.  Juan Sanchez, pintor dibojante
  97.  Adriana Espinoza, M.A. therapist
  98.  Garry Kinsman, professor (Laurentian University)*
  99.  Lee Lakeman
  100.    Linda Morgan
  101.    Guy Pocklington
  102.    Dr. Hari Sharma
  103.    Mike Lebowitz, professor emeritus (SFU)
  104.    Sharon Yandle (B.C. Teachers Federation ret’d)
  105.    Jeannie Kamins
  106.    Barry Weisleder, editor Socialist Action
  107.    Colin Leys, co-editor Socialist Register and emeritus professor (York)*
  108.    Adolqadir Balouch (Iranian Writers Society in Exile)*
  109.    International South Asia Forum
  110.    Stephen Aberle
  111.    Phil Lyons (Seniors Network B.C.)*
  112.    Will Offley (New Socialist Group)*
  113.    Paul Tetrault, lawyer (CUPE)*
  114.    Isabel Dos Santos
  115.    Yom Shamash
  116.    Martin Last
  117.    Karen Moe
  118.    Andrew Pope
  119.    John Barnes
  120.    Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
  121.    Canadian Dimension magazine collective
  122.    Structured Movement Against Capitalism - Winnipeg
  123.    Cy Gonick
  124.    Elise Moser (NPI)*
  125.    Eleanor Grant
  126.    Joanne Ganeva
  127.    Mark Brill
  128.    William Cleveland, professor Middle East history (SFU)*
  129.    Himani Bannerji, Professor, (York University)*
  130.    Michael Kuttner, Toronto
  131.    Robert Brian Rahn
  132.    Susan Kent Davidson
  133.    R. I. D. Davidson
  134.    Sarah Shartal
  135.    Rape Relief
  136.    NDP Socialist Caucus
  137.    Youth for Socialist Action
  138.    Abigail Bakan, professor (Queen’s)*
  139.    Camyar Chai, artistic producer (New World Theatre)*
  140.    Mara Coward
  141.    Henry Krause
  142.    Jews for a Just Peace
  143.    Sid Shniad
  144.    Susan Stout
  145.    Anne Grant
  146.    Brian Campbell
  147.    W. Donald Burton
  148.    Dr. Ismail Zayid, (President, Canada Palestine Association)
  149.    Paul Lavallee
  150.    Barbara J. Cullen
  151.    Socialist Action
  152.    Gary Cristall, cultural worker
  153.    Marsha Drake (End Legislative Poverty)*
  154.    Wes Midmore, teacher
  155.    Heidi Eisenberg
  156.    Dave Meslin (Toronto Public Space Committee)*
  157.    Alex Levant (CUPE 3903)*
  158.    Stuart Ryan,
  159.    Jonnie Bakan, shop steward (CUPE 3903)*
  160.    Morgan Keating
  161.    Maryann Farkas, teacher
  162.    John Farkas, engineer
  163.    Simon Horn, writer
  164.    Susan Howard-Azzeh (Al-Awda, Niagara)
  165.    Burham Azzeh (Niagara Palestinian Association)
  166.    Greg Albo, professor (York University)*
  167.    Herman Rosenfeld (Canadian Auto Workers)*
  168.    John Saul, professor (York University)*
  169.    Neil Braganza, graduate student (York University)*
  170.    Bill Fitzpatrick (Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees Employees International)*
  171.    Jerry J. Khouri
  172.    Tim Murphy, editor of zines PONYBOYS and NOISE QUEEN
  173.    Dr. Michael Frishkopf, professor (School of Music, University of Alberta)*
  174.    Dionne Brand, writer (and Ruth Wynn Woodward Professor, Women’s Studies, Simon Fraser University}*
  175.    Josee Vanasse, Conseillere syndicale (CCMM, CSN)*
  176.    Dr. Joyce Green, political science professor (University of Regina)*
  177.    Tom Sandborn, writer and community activist
  178.    Steve Guiliano, (UFCW local 1000a REAP)*
  179.    Miriam Abu-Dib (National Action Committee on the Status of Women)*
  180.    Hassan Husseini (CUPE Local 4600)*
  181.    Dr. Ayeda Ayed (University Health Network, Princess Margaret Hospital)*
  182.    Johnny Roberts, human rights activist
  183.    Mughir al Hindi
  184.    Al-Awda Canada (Palestine right of return coalition)
  185.    Max Silverman
  186.    Jewish Youth Against the Occupation
  187.    David Cadman, president (Society for Promoting Environmenal Conservation – SPEC)*
  188.    Beth Learn
  189.    Humaira Irfan (University of Toronto)*
  190.    Awad Halabi, Department of Middle East Civilization (University of Toronto)*
  191.    Alex Kerner, president (Students Administrative Council, University of Toronto)*
  192.    Nehal Saleh
  193.    Pamela Taylor, freelance writer
  194.    El Farouk Khaki, barrister and solicitor
  195.    Elizabeth Thor-Larsen, (Vancouver/Richmond Mental Health Network Society)*
  196.    Nahlo Abdo, sociology professor (Carleton University)*
  197.    Ryan Slashinsky, teacher
  198.    Mariam Ibrahim, high school student
  199.    Dr. Stephen Pender, professor of English (University of Windsor)*
  200.    Blagoja Ristic
  201.    Katja Clark
  202.    Peter Coombes, National Organizer of End the Arms Race
  203.    Catherine Holliday
  204.    Jill Glessing
  205.    Charlie Clark
  206.    Sarah Buhler
  207.    Nuzat Abbas, writer
  208.    Sharmini Fernando, community worker
  209.    Ahmad Korchid (Ontario Cancer Institute)*
  210.    Shahnaz Kahn (Women’s Studies, St. Francis Xavier)*
  211.    Harriet Friedman (Munk Centre for International Studies)*
  212.    Kim Cummings, teacher
  213.    Bonnie Glassford, church worker
  214.    Sobia Khan, “For Palestine” group, University of Toronto*
  215.    Yasmeen Abu-Laban, professor (University of Alberta)*
  216.    Edik Zwarenstein, P.Eng
  217.    Louise Rolingher
  218.    Elias Assad
  219.    James Kafieh, Canadians for Palestine Right of Return
  220.    Javid Mirza, President of Muslim Association of Hamilton
  221.    Oksana Gowin, student
  222.    Miguel Figuieroa, leader Communist Party of Canada
  223.    Barbara Abu-Zahra
  224.    Cynthia Wright
  225.    Hassan Al-Saleem
  226.    Alisa Gayle-Deutsch
  227.    Samar Fatima
  228.    Dallas Thompson
  229.    Rod S. Murray
  230.    Nadia Abu-Zahra, student
  231.    John Farah
  232.    Daiva K. Stasiulis, sociology professor (Carleton University)*
  233.    Elliott Anderson
  234.    James Terral, freelance editor
  235.    Sarah Buhler
  236.    Marlene Thomas Osbourne
  237.    Maeve Mahon, academic
  238.    Mary Catherine McCarthy (CUPE)*
  239.    Paul Kellog, editor Socialist Worker
  240.    Douglas Maggach
  241.    Janet Siltanen, professor (Carleton University)*
  242.    Andre St. Hilaire
  243.    Mary-Jo Nadeau
  244.    Laura Marks, professor (Carleton University)*
  245.    Malinda S. Smith (Athabasca University)*
  246.    Sofia Khan
  247.    Janice Williamson, professor (University of Alberta)*
  248.    Rod Doran
  249.    Arif Dajmi, engineering
  250.    George Gidora, B.C. Provincial leader of the Communist Party of Canada
  251.    Frank L. Showler
  252.    Peter Kerr
  253.    Ahmed Naji
  254.    Luba Szkambara
  255.    Merryn Edwards
  256.    Francine Bellerose
  257.    Michelle Robidoux, National organizer for International Socialists
  258.    Robin Wylie, instructor (Douglas College)*
  259.    Erin George, journalist (Socialist Worker)*
  260.    Lyne Lemieux
  261.    Kymn Azzeh
  262.    Wael Azzeh
  263.    Joanna Clark
  264.    Don and Helen Hicks
  265.    Nathalie Kermoal, historian
  266.    Artour Rakhmoo, Ph.D
  267.    Jan Hynan
  268.    Donald Swartz, professor Public Administration (Carleton University)*
  269.    Brian Champ
  270.    Sylvain Archambault
  271.    Jeanne Laux
  272.    Adrien Noel
  273.    Calvin Climie
  274.    Gassan W. Shahwan
  275.    Seema M. Tannous
  276.    Robert Brandon
  277.    Bendad Warda
  278.    Mauricio Gonzalez
  279.    Esther Vise
  280.    Trish Salah (CUPE, Local 3903)
  281.    Zarine Tilak, writer
  282.    Monika Danowska
  283.    Imaan Bayoumi
  284.    John Beeching
  285.    Elizabeth Beeching
  286.    Munar Abder Razek
  287.    Karren Al-Rubaie
  288.    Raysan Mohsn
  289.    Helen Mintz
  290.    Peter Wright
  291.    Khalil Vermezyari
  292.    Leila Marshy
  293.    Reena Husein
  294.    Mark Layden
  295.    Julie Taylor
  296.    Rick Hesch
  297.    Joshua Budd
  298.    Ali Azyad
  299.    Anna Camilleri, writer
  300.    Colleen Glynn
  301.    Thamer Alsafar, (Iraqi Communist Party, Canada)*
  302.    Ardis Harriman
  303.    April Matisz
  304.    Jua Shilander
  305.    Richard Collier
  306.    Jason Devine
  307.    Nat Ghersetti
  308.    Sohan Mann
  309.    Judith A. Garber, political science professor (University of Alberta)*
  310.    Luis Tapia
  311.    Maria-Teresa Wilson
  312.    Tito Pino
  313.    Christine Grotefeld
  314.    Charles Boylan (Communist Party of Canada Marxist-Leninist, BC)*
  315.    Nancy Illman (St. Margaret's Anglican Church)*
  316.    Denise Haskett (St. Margaret's Anglican Church)*
  317.    Ann Rosenberg (St. Margaret's Anglican Church)*
  318.    Denis Lou-Hing (St. Margaret's Anglican Church)*
  319.    Dave Paquet
  320.    Bob Nickelson, (Workers Communist Party of Iran)*
  321.    Majid Ghorbani
  322.    Gary Coward
  323.    Helmut-Harry Loewen (Western Anti-Racist Network)*
  324.    Carol Stone
  325.    Marg Adams
  326.    Paul Burrows
  327.    Cindy Reeves
  328.    Jessica Squires
  329.    Navreet Kang, student (University of Toronto)*
  330.    Abeer Arafat
  331.    Saeed Parto
  332.    Shabina Kahn
  333.    Ashok Joshi
  334.    Craig Yeo
  335.    Gary McCollum
  336.    Nahid Yeasmin Choudhury
  337.    Nilufar Choudhury
  338.    Ajmer Rode, writer
  339.    Young Socialist Alliance of Red Deer College
  340.    Allen Creighton-Kelly
  341.    Fred Hahn (CUPE 2191)*
  342.    Ahmed Bayoumi
  343.    Katie Budreau, student (University of Toronto)* and member (Coalition Against War and Racism)*
  344.    Maria Cecilia Tagle
  345.    Sandra Brush, student
  346.    Wilma Yvyenko (CDA II)
  347.    Hannah Briemberg, physician
  348.    Vanessa Harden
  349.    Elizabeth Fox
  350.    Katrine Kaarsemaker
  351.    Moraia Grau Lopez
  352.    Bahija reghai
  353.    Dr. Naim Shafey, P.Eng
  354.    Dina Hamza
  355.    Jorge E. Cancino, poeta-escritor-cineaste
  356.    Alfonso Alvarez
  357.    Salma Saadi
  358.    Tudeh Party of Iran in Canada
  359.    Amro Gamal
  360.    Fiona Bishop, researcher
  361.    Ella Haley (Athabasca University)*
  362.    John Kirk
  363.    Joanne Fox
  364.    Gaik Cheng Koo, (University of Victoria)*(Anti-racist Action Committee)*
  365.    Harry Berbrayer
  366.    John Price, professor (University of Victoria)* (Canada Asia Pacific Resource Network)*
  367.    Morgan McGuigan
  368.    Ken Hiebert
  369.    Maya Elmoursi
  370.    Simon Underwood
  371.    Edward Corrigan, barrister and solicitor
  372.    Tania Strauss, photographer
  373.    Jackie Steel
  374.    Lee Lorch, professor (York University)*
  375.    Tirdad Shirvani
  376.    Michelle Holubisky
  377.    Frederick Osman
  378.    Valerie Lannon
  379.    Ginger Richards, (BCGEU)*
  380.    Virginia Medina
  381.    Sahar Kamaly
  382.    Glen Wreggitt, Shop Steward (CUPE Local 500)*
  383.    Tammy Simonds
  384.    Canadian Dimension Editorial Board
  385.    Jim Lamb
  386.    Barbara Wood, (Codevelopment Canada)*
  387.    Jennifer Deveney, Executive Director (BC Council for International Cooperation)*
  388.    Nadene Renby
  389.    Darlene Nicholson
  390.    Anne Roberts, (Chair, Journalism Department, Langara College)*
  391.    Cynthia Wishart, (Regional Director, CUPE)*
  392.    Zakaria Kamaly
  393.    Connie Krauseneck
  394.    Marc Tetrault, Jewish student McGill (SPHR)*
  395.    Kate Churchill
  396.    Alison Campbell, Open the Borders!
  397.    Nandita Sharma, sociology/anthropology professor (University of Windsor)*
  398.    Ron Hendrickx
  399.    Daniel Bombino
  400.    Cristina Soto, doctoral student (School of Resources and Environmental Management, SFU)*
  401.    Tara Ehrcke, treasurer (CUPE 4163)*
  402.    Faisa Majid
  403.    Lyba Spring
  404.    Arman Rahmin, PhD candidate (University of British Columbia)*
  405.    Elen Ghulam
  406.    Darlene Stone, secretary
  407.    Erica Lamarcraft
  408.    Wael Lazkani
  409.    Pablo Samuel Castro, musician (Jai Guru)*
  410.    Nadia Jemiai
  411.    Al Stein
  412.    Irath Syed
  413.    Hari Potaraju, Electrical Engineer
  414.    Judith Weisman (Israel Palestine Coalition)*
  415.    Juan Gonzalez
  416.    Jamie Mignano
  417.    Kevin Logan
  418.    Emilia Kovacs, activist
  419.    Ismail Aljourmi, activist
  420.    Yasmin Munla
  421.    Mary Filleul, teacher (Vancouver School District)*
  422.    Jamie McPherson, lawyer (CUPE)*
  423.    Emilie Salomone
  424.    Anne-Marie Brun
  425.    Ameena Mayer, member (Canada-Green Peace and WC2)*
  426.    Angel Concha
  427.    Pat Katagiri
  428.    Elizabeth Briemberg, past president (MOSAIC)*
  429.    David Shulman
  430.    Zakaria Kamaly
  431.    Rachel Massicotte
  432.    Mathieu Massicotte
  433.    Yvon Massicotte
  434.    Jacqueline Massicotte
  435.    Susan D. Coen, lawyer (CUPE)*
  436.    Lois France
  437.    Farzin Ghannad
  438.    Mariusz T. Wesolowski
  439.    Krista Johnson
  440.    Jillian Skeet
  441.    Yahya Nickpour
  442.    Alvaro J. Castro R., member (Amnesty International, McGill University chapter)*
  443.    Abeer Majeed
  444.    Yasmine Abou-El-Kheir
  445.    Devin Burke
  446.    Marguerite Warner
  447.    Azhar Syed
  448.    Joel Harden, National Coordinator, Resistance Press
  449.    Giancarlo Rizzo
  450.    Kevin MacKay, Sky Dragon Centre
  451.    Paul Orlowski, school teacher (Vancouver) (NDP)*
  452.    Peter Votsch
  453.    NOWAR/PAIX – Network to Oppose War and Racism/Pacte contre l’agression, l’intolerance et la xenophobie
  454.    Greg Soto
  455.    Mehrdad Oveisi
  456.    Cathy Woods
  457.    Peter Woods
  458.    Diane Jolly
  459.    Ryan Sulaheddine
  460.    Claude Rochon
  461.    M. Mousavi (UBC Science Graduate)*
  462.    Aisha Syed
  463.    Reza Hamidizadeh, 18
  464.    Macdonald Stainsby, Douglas College Students Union, External Relations Officer
  465.    Bashar Sayyed
  466.    Rola Zayed
  467.    Magaly Varas
  468.    I.K. Shukla, co-founder Coalition for an Egalitarian and Pluralistic India
  469.    Zara Rahman, student UBC
  470.    Roger Howard, professor (School of Communications, Simon Fraser University)*
  471.    Dorothy Smith, professor (University of Toronto)*
  472.    Jonathan So, student (University of Guelph, International Development Society)*
  473.    Dr. Kerry Preibisch, professor of sociology/anthropology (University of Guelph)*
  474.    Rezak Faraj
  475.    Jean-Simon Diallo
  476.    Susan Ferguson
  477.    Abdulhafid Gamar
  478.    Gordon Flett (CEP local 2000)
  479.    Peter Coady, occupational hygienist
  480.    Debbie Upton
  481.    Michael Luftmensch
  482.    Laura Sparling, student in International Development (Guelph University)*
  483.    Sophie Ares Pilon (New Political Initiative)*
  484.    Yousef Arisheh
  485.    Alison Arisheh
  486.    Sofia Mort
  487.    Kim Mort
  488.    Nadine Arisheh
  489.    Brian Weiler
  490.    Halimeh Arisheh
  491.    Yahya Arisheh
  492.    Walid Arisheh
  493.    Moneh Tarawneh
  494.    Manal Tarawneh
  495.    Anne G. Robinson
  496.    Marion Pollack
  497.    Sharon R. Goldberg
  498.    Dania Mahdi
  499.    Robert Ryan
  500.    Mohanad Madhi
  501.    Megan Ashbury
  502.    Mary-Lous Warrant
  503.    Gulzar Lalani
  504.    Kristina Vandervoort
  505.    Manfred Bienefeld, professor (Carleton University)*
  506.    Meg Stevens
  507.    Warren Ballard
  508.    Ana Rahmat
  509.    Lynn Kruszewski
  510.    Janet Fairbanks
  511.    Marwan Hassan, hydrologist (UBC)*
  512.    Kevin Mathews
  513.    Richard Fung, video artist
  514.    Diane MacDonald
  515.    Tom McLeod
  516.    Barry McLeod
  517.    Anne Henderson
  518.    Susan Fisher
  519.    Rhonda Spence, National Representative (CUPE)*
  520.    Lubna Bahsoun
  521.    Barbara Michaud
  522.    Max Gigling
  523.    Brian McLeod, Iqaluit, Nunavut
  524.    Karen Abramsen
  525.    Claire Larose
  526.    Gerry Larose
  527.    Gordon Bailey (CEP Local 468)*
  528.    Al Cordoni, retired teacher
  529.    Vi Cordoni, retired office worker
  530.    Deming Smith
  531.    Bonnie Youngman
  532.    Sam Kassem
  533.    Ava Guy
  534.    Raffy Guy
  535.    Darlene Goetz
  536.    Riham Elbadri
  537.    Laurie Adkin, professor of political science (University of Alberta)*
  538.    Kim Zander
  539.    Rahat Kurd
  540.    Hanif Karim
  541.    Kerri Sakamoto, writer
  542.    Mary Anne Pare
  543.    Nazma Shivji
  544.    Craig Blois
  545.    Yves Rochon
  546.    Joanne Namsoo
  547.    Juergen Stamper
  548.    Hannah Khan
  549.    Ginette Proulx, counselor
  550.    Morris Jackson
  551.    Palestine Solidarity Group
  552.    Michelle Cho, university student
  553.    Kimary Shahin, instructor (University of British Columbia)*
  554.    Alireza Rahbar
  555.    Asma Shahid, (University of British Columbia)*
  556.    Shakeel Rathore
  557.    John Malcolmson
  558.    Wendi Lawrence
  559.    Ryan Pritchard
  560.    Amena Syed
  561.    Zia Afsar
  562.    Mohammad Afsar
  563.    Jennifer Baichwal, Mercury Films Inc.
  564.    Nick de Pencier, Mercury Films Inc.
  565.    Richard Hinners
  566.    Harith al-Janaby
  567.    Helene Polnau
  568.    Nasim Shivji
  569.    Eva Sharell (Vancouver Community College Faculty Association)*
  570.    Najib Hassan, Barrister and Solicitor
  571.    Shelina Neallani, Barrister and Solicitor
  572.    Arturo Hernandez
  573.    Steve Garrod, teacher
  574.    Steve Jordan, (McGill University)*
  575.    Anthony Pare, (Chair, Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill University)*
  576.    Natalie Larose
  577.    Belinda Frias (CDA)
  578.    Jeffrey Ewener
  579.    Rosemary Warskett
  580.    Kathy Jessome
  581.    Ian Hughes
  582.    Margaret Hughes
  583.    Seema Saadi
  584.    Suhah Kudsieh
  585.    Francine Portelance
  586.    Kim Elliot
  587.    Elizabeth Wood (Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill)*
  588.    Linda Davies, professor (McGill University)*
  589.    Peter Hayes, film-maker
  590.    Ms. Dawn S. Allen
  591.    Richard Menec
  592.    Sheila Paterson
  593.    Mona Elesseily
  594.    Helga Naguib, artist and writer
  595.    Farida Jamal
  596.    Sabreena Haque
  597.    Nancy Jackson, associate professor (Adult Educational, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)*
  598.    Madalena Santos, ESL faculty (Carleton University)*
  599.    Khalid al-Jadir, President, Canadian Arab Friendship Association of the Okanagan
  600.    Gita Hashemi, independent artist
  601.    Mark Marshall
  602.    Mona Marshy
  603.    Evangelia Tastsoglou, sociology professor (St. Mary’s University)*
  604.    Raghu Krishnan
  605.    Alan Silverman
  606.    Alan Shandro, Political Science professor (Laurentian University)*
  607.    R. Magaly San Martin, Latin American Coalition Against Racism
  608.    Peggy Askin (Co-Chair of the Women's Committee & Executive Member of the Calgary and District Labour Council)*
  609.    Denyse Rodrigues
  610.    Sheila Wilmot (Justice for Workers)*
  611.    Kathleen Bridel, Toronto
  612.    Farahnazz Jamal
  613.    Soraya Peerbaye
  614.    Ken Kalturnyk
  615.    S. Howard Kaplan, (Treasurer, United Jewish Peoples Order)*
  616.    Al-Noor Peera (writer)
  617.    Andy Lehrer, Toronto
  618.    Mario Lanthier
  619.    Katayoun Baghai
  620.    Dorothy Morrison, Vancouver
  621.    Herb Eamon, Vancouver
  622.    Shaun Maxwell (Queens University)*
  623.    Doe Gregoire
  624.    Mustafa Kaya
  625.    Rita Wong, Writer
  626.    Fataneh Farahani (York University)*
  627.    Amanda Glasbeek
  628.    Matthew Shields, Toronto
  629.    James N. Porter, professor of sociology (York University)*
  630.    Majid Malekan, North York
  631.    Linda Koehler
  632.    OmiSoore Dryden
  633.    Scott Forsyth, professor (York University)*
  634.    michelle zurbrigg, (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)*
  635.    Jean Smyth, Nurse Administrator
  636.    Darren Steinhoff, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  637.    Dolon Chakravartty
  638.    Scott McFarlane, writer
  639.    Larissa Jung Hee Goodyear
  640.    South Asian Women's Community Centre in Montreal
  641.    Dr. Farida Mohamed
  642.    Veronique Bourget
  643.    Catherine Potter, Montreal
  644.    Naimat Khan
  645.    Maureen Hynes
  646.    Zainab Moghal, Montreal
  647.    Patrick Duxbury, Montreal
  648.    Mythili Rajiva, Doctoral candidate, (Carleton University)*
  649.    Pascal Bartschat
  650.    Saeed Rahnema, professsor, (York University)*
  651.    Sanwa El Domyaty
  652.    Vanita Varma and Rashmi Varma
  653.    Haideh Moghissi, Ph.D, (York University)*
  654.    Sanwa El Domyaty
  655.    Haider Imam, Montreal
  656.    Patricia Munro (HSA)
  657.    Dr. N. Gupta, demographer
  658.    Wayne Mundle, (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)*
  659.    Egla J. Martinez
  660.    Prabha Khosla
  661.    Saleem Qureshi, professor (Univ. of Alberta)*
  662.    SusanGhattas
  663.    RajaiGhattas
  664.    Piyush Gandhi
  665.    Dave Bleakney ( National Union Representative, Canadian Union of Postal Workers)*
  666.    Jamelie Hassan, artist, London, Ontario, Canada
  667.    Ron Benner, artist, London, Ontario, Canada
  668.    Dolores Chew, Montreal
  669.    David Kulyk
  670.    Helen Hawthorne
  671.    Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Toronto Branch
  672.    Ravi Malhotra
  673.    Peter J. Chataway, Kelowna, BC
  674.    Gabriel Haythornthwaite
  675.    Glenn Alteen, curator
  676.    Al Grant, Mississauga
  677.    Marwan Awad, Lawyer
  678.    Zahra Ghasemian
  679.    Rafat Faris, Toronto
  680.    Anne Miles
  681.    Fred Jones, teacher (Dawson College)*
  682.    Taufiq Rahim, West Vancouver
  683.    Grant McHarg
  684.    David Chown
  685.    Tabassum Firoz (UBC)*
  686.    Sabina Firoz
  687.    Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Canadian Section
  688.    Joanne Cuffe
  689.    Gary Caroline, Lawyer
  690.    CUPE Toronto District Council
  691.    Helen Kennedy, (CUPE 79)*
  692.    Debra Brin, editor Briarpatch Magazine
  693.    Briarpatch Magazine
  694.    Gita Citygirl, artistic director SALAAM!
  695.    SALAAM! (South Asian League of Artists in America!)
  696.    Aparna Sundar, graduate student (University of Toronto)*
  697.    Roula Said
  698.    Liesel Urtnowski
  699.    Graciela Schwartz, directrice du COFEDH
  700.    COFEDH (Conseil des Femmes sur l’Environment et les Droits Humaines)
  701.    Walker Jones
  702.    Marvin Gandall
  703.    Evangelos Milios
  704.    Marwan Bouri
  705.    Rachele Tutte
  706.    Kevin Hudson, Director, Ogoni Solidarity Network
  707.    Ogoni Solidarity Network
  708.    Gillian A. Walker, professor (Carleton University)*
  709.    Emile and Alice DePauw
  710.    Louay Abuomar
  711.    Maggi Dotchuk, (RWDSU Local 454, Regina & District Labour Council)*
  712.    Elizabeth Smillie
  713.    Ana Sonia Vinatea
  714.    Lukin Robinson
  715.    Mike Stoetzel
  716.    Dr Farah Shroff, Vancouver BC
  717.    A Cage, North Vancouver
  718.    John Munro
  719.    Greg Starr
  720.    Elena Starr
  721.    Nick Dimitri
  722.    Fran Fellowes
  723.    Lorraine Irlam
  724.    Joshua Mira Goldberg
  725.    Larry Wartels, MA (Urban Planning, Jews for Just Peace, Victoria)*
  726.    Wayne Madden, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
  727.    Ed Janzen
  728.    Penticton Peace Group
  729.    Penticton Chapter of the Council of Canadians
  730.    Ray Bradbury
  731.    Fadi Hamadani, member, (Canadians for Equality and Peace for Palestinians (CEPPal)*
  732.    Nicole Laurendeau, teacher Mission, B.C.
  733.    Ian Robinson
  734.    Scott Steedman
  735.    Leilah Nadir
  736.    Linda Slavin
  737.    Barry Fleming
  738.    Sawsan Elgammal and Nabil Elgammal, BC
  739.    Ian Talbot, Vancouver, B.C.
  740.    Louise Leask, Virden, MB.
  741.    Jay Wood, student (University of Regina)*
  742.    Nader Hashemi, Graduate Student (University of Toronto)*
  743.    Canadians for Equality and Peace for Palestinians (CEPPal)
  744.    Regina Renke, Vancouver
  745.    Douglas Moggach, professor (University of Ottawa)*
  746.    Anne Henderson, Filmmaker
  747.    Sarah Shartal (Israeli Citizen)
  748.    John Baglow
  749.    Alissa Trotz, Professor (Women's Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto)*
  750.    Asma Hashmi, Vancouver
  751.    Nell-Anne Toegel
  752.    Linda Murphy
  753.    Rick McCallion, Richmond, BC
  754.    Catherine J. Giesbrecht, member (Hotel, Restaurant, & Culinary Employees and Bartenders Union, Local 40)*, Vancouver BC
  755.    Richard H. Fahlman, member (I.A.T.S.E. Motion Picture Studio Production Technicians, Local 891)* Vancouver, BC
  756.    Joe Backus, Kingston, Ontario
  757.    Voice of Palestine, Vancouver
  758.    Dalal Kawas, BSc (Physics)
  759.    Marion Kawas, Voice of Palestine
  760.    Hanna Kawas, Chairperson (Canada Palestine Association) Vancouver
  761.    Canada Palestine Association, Vancouver
  762.    Elsie Dean, Burnaby
  763.    Marwan Bouri
  764.    Tony Tracy, Vancouver BC
  765.    John Dirlik, Montreal, Québec
  766.    David McNally, Professor of Political Science, York University
  767.    Manuel Schulte
  768.    Constantin Haddad, Engineer
  769.    Jazmín Miranda, Vancouver
  770.    Mustafa Koc, Professor, (Ryerson University)*
  771.    Sedef Arat-Koc, Professor, (Trent University)*
  772.    Radha Jhappan, political science professor, (Carleton University)*
  773.    Woodrow W. Coward, Lt.Col (retired)
  774.    Evangelos Milios
  775.    Valoree Baker, Kamloops, B.C
  776.    Mark Caswell
  777.    Megan Schlase
  778.    Charles T. Schlase
  779.    G.C. (Gerry) Germain, St. John's, NF
  780.    Sally Rowsell, musician
  781.    Driss Barbour and Alexandra Melnyk, Vancouver, BC
  782.    Vancouver Non-Violence Training Collective
  783.    Dr. Timothy Sullivan
  784.    Gord Doctorow (Ed. D.), Toronto
  785.    Stephen Salaff, freelance energy and environment writer, Toronto
  786.    Vancouver Vigils
  787.    Leela Acharya
  788.    Lee MacKay
  789.    Fred Stockholder, (English Dept. UBC Emeritus)*
  790.    Norman Epstein (Dept. of Chemical Engineeering, UBC)*
  791.    Rosalie Hawrylko (Women's Studies, Capilano College)*
  792.    Hamida Neumuller, Asst. Editor (Swedish Press)*
  793.    Dilshed Karim, Teacher
  794.    Kenneth L. Pinder (UBC)*
  795.    Hanno Pinder
  796.    Terrell Gardner, Professor Emeritus, (U of Toronto)*
  797.    Dr. Tracy Porcelli, (physicist, UNBC)*
  798.    Suvendrini Lena, MD, Toronto
  799.    Christine York, translator, Montreal, Québec
  800.    Judith Deutsch, Toronto
  801.    Lisa Valencia-Svensson, performer
  802.    Valentina Mendoza (UBC Faculty of Medicine)*
  803.    John Poon, Masters candidate, York University
  804.    Carole Cameron, Burnaby, B.C.
  805.    Marwan Marwan, computer programmer, Port Moody, BC
  806.    Donna J Tanchak, (MAWAR, IWD)*
  807.    Haseena Majeed
  808.    Peter Konioukly
  809.    Lavinia Shaw, CESAPI
  810.    Earl Shaw, CESAPI
  811.    Frank McGreal
  812.    Asif Tejani, dentist
  813.    Fehmida Tejani
  814.    Pedro J Mora
  815.    Laura Arpiainen, architect
  816.    Peter Mather
  817.    Anjula Gogia, Toronto
  818.    Vallie Stearns, articling student, Ottawa
  819.    Mayworks, Festival of Working Class, Culture and Politics
  820.    Augusta Lokhorst
  821.    Christine Anderson, Miami, FL
  822.    Hassana Hamade
  823.    Adnan Hamade
  824.    Sharon Keogh, television producer/writer
  825.    Gonzalo Mazzei, Biochemist, Vancouver, BC
  826.    Chris Harwood-Jones, All Saints Anglican Church, Vernon, BC
  827.    Marcus Youssef, writer/teacher, Vancouver BC
  828.    Fatima Jaffer
  829.    Susan B. Boyd (Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia)*
  830.    John Ryan, retired professor and senior scholar (University of Winnipeg)*
  831.    David Weller
  832.    Elena Montes, Mtl. Que.
  833.    Laura Rios, Lachenaie Que.
  834.    Laura Montes, Lachenaie. Que.
  835.    Hilda L. Thomas, (NDP Council of Federal Ridings of BC)*
  836.    Sarah Kim, mother, Port Moody, BC
  837.    Sharina Janif, Burnaby, BC
  838.    Rula Odeh
  839.    Manuel Erickson, (Hebrew name: Immanuel Yitzchaki)
  840.    Jurgen Kuhl, (Canadian Auto Workers)*
  841.    Carmen Kuhl
  842.    Valentian Maliarenko, (BC Nurses Union)*
  843.    Alayne Keough
  844.    Denis Laplante, CESAPI
  845.    Jo Roberts
  846.    Cassin Elliott, (Youth Driven)*
  847.    Jane Bouey, (COPE)*
  848.    Mike Hocevar, (Local 389 CUPE)*
  849.    Rick Fence
  850.    Irene MacInnes, CESAPI
  851.    Harold Berson, (Outlook Magazine)*
  852.    Ava Waxman
  853.    Jim Gorman (CUPE)*
  854.    Charles English, (Anti-Poverty Committee)*
  855.    Alex Charles
  856.    Blair Lewis
  857.    Ron Peterson
  858.    David McMurran
  859.    Simon Grant
  860.    Uttam Baswa
  861.    Sheila Dunnachie, (PSAC)*
  862.    Ron Strand, (HSA)*
  863.    Sam Bell
  864.    Shawn Clare, (ISUN music)*
  865.    Susan Blake, (First Nations Language Program, UBC)*
  866.    Ann Thomson
  867.    Richard Banner
  868.    Sheldon Klein
  869.    Tasha Waite
  870.    Pat Lyons-Ramsey
  871.    Patrick Byrne
  872.    Candice Baldwin
  873.    Leila Hardup, (CAW)*
  874.    Ring Lee-Noganni
  875.    Janine Bandcraft
  876.    Larry Kuehn, (BC Teachers Federation)*
  877.    Murray Bush, (Flux)*
  878.    G. Fraser, (Canadian Seamen's Union Film Committee)*
  879.    Sima Zerhi, (UBC Social Justice Centre)*
  880.    Chis. Kendall
  881.    Sargie Kaler
  882.    Hardeu Kaler
  883.    Margaret Anne Graffunder
  884.    Dyelan Kaler
  885.    Jennifer Roman
  886.    Bill Zander, (Carpenters Union)*
  887.    J. Bickerstaff
  888.    D. McCormack
  889.    Eric Roberts
  890.    L. Anderson, student
  891.    Geoff Meggs
  892.    Alex Boston
  893.    Jacq. Eden
  894.    Roy Forster, artist
  895.    Sheila Rowswell, (Hospital Employees Union)*
  896.    Ardiel Soeker
  897.    Nazlie Soeker
  898.    Shera Rael, New Westminster, B.C.
  899.    Debbie Krull, (Anti Poverty Committee)*
  900.    Catherine Welsh (BCGEU-Local303)*
  901.    Carole Karkhairan
  902.    Jeff Hiemstra, Computer tech, Toronto
  903.    Khaled Barakat, (Pres. of Arab-Palestine Assoc-BC)*
  904.    K. Kilbride, (BCTF)*
  905.    Ted Byrne, (Trade Union Research Bureau)*
  906.    Krishna Lalbiharie
  907.    Richard Clements
  908.    Ursula Deshield
  909.    Sheldon J. (Shelly) Lipsey, Toronto, Ontario
  910.    Azad Mohammed, Port Coquitlam, BC
  911.    Alan Sears, Sociology professor, (University of Windsor)*
  912.    Hasnain Kassamali
  913.    Susan Scott
  914.    Nelson Rodriguez
  915.    D. W. Arland, retired (Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Workers Union , Canadian Area ILWU0)*
  916.    John Cuthbertson, retired teacher
  917.    Amir Hassanpour, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto)*
  918.    Jerome Klassen, Toronto (CUPE 3903)*
  919.    Tracy Supruniuk (CUPE 3903)*
  920.    Florencia Berinstein, (CUPE 1281)*
  921.    CUPE Local 2191
  922.    Calvin Woida, anti-poverty/anti-globalization activist/co-operative housing activist
  923.    Edward H. Shaffer PhD, Professor Emeritus (Department of Economics, University of Alberta)* and member-at-large of the national executive (Veterans Against Nuclear Arms)*
  924.    Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1281
  925.    Peter Bleyer, Ottawa
  926.    John Clarke, (OCAP)
  927.    Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
  928.    Marwan Hassan, writer, Ottawa
  929.    Dennis Badeen, (CUPE 3903)*
  930.    Michael Neumann, Associate Professor of Philosophy (Trent University)*
  931.    Will Cullen (BA; ex-Army/Peacekeeper)
  932.    Gavin Fridell, PhD Candidate, (York University)*
  933.    Malik Ghulam
  934.    Alexandra Ghulam
  935.    Eleanor Hart
  936.    Ian W. Hart
  937.    karenza to. wall, activist artist
  938.    Shawkat Hasan
  939.    Maha Zimoo, Ottawa
  940.    Rabab Ward, Professor, (UBC)*
  941.    Cameron Dean
  942.    Usamah Ahmad
  943.    Erin Rutherford
  944.    Lloyd McInnis
  945.    K. Matheson
  946.    Anita van Ginkel
  947.    Tonnie van Ginkel
  948.    Kay Bouthot
  949.    Joan Spira
  950.    Elsie McIntosh
  951.    Ken Londgraph
  952.    A. Lebrun
  953.    D. Pearce
  954.    Frederica Bolton
  955.    Earl D. Morris
  956.    Steve Kisby (Green Party of Canada)*
  957.    S.J. Cornish, retired physician
  958.    Niniek Hadisantoso
  959.    CUPE Local 3903
  960.    Jeremy Bergen
  961.    Patricia Antonyshyn
  962.    Danielle Morin, Montreal
  963.    Gerald Sutton
  964.    Adnan Qayyum (UBC)*
  965.    Nurdin Kassam
  966.    Narinder Dhillon
  967.    Pathmayohan Letchumanapillai, concerned Global citizen
  968.    Imtiaz Popat Salaamat - Vancouver
  969.    Boris Nirahula (Ph.D.)
  970.    Ben Millard
  971.    Sami Odeh, Kirkland Québec
  972.    Michael Welfley, Winnipeg
  973.    Elias B. Gammal (retired university Prof.)
  974.    Saeed Khan, Toronto
  975.    Men-Chong Luk, Toronto
  976.    Wayne A Coady
  977.    Faline Bobier (SEIU)*
  978.    Monica Saichander
  979.    Sajid Salman, businessman
  980.    Nimet Karachi, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  981.    Nadine Karachi, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  982.    Dean Karachi, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  983.    Katharine Karachi, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  984.    alia toor
  985.    Jehad Aliweiwi
  986.    Mik McCully
  987.    Zoran Stipcic, Oakville
  988.    Rhoda Rosenfeld, artist
  989.    Brenda Taylor, Vancouver
  990.    Irene N. Watts, writer
  991.    Graham D. Harley
  992.    Ruth Barrett
  993.    Art Reitsma (President, Squamish and District Labour Committee)*
  994.    Reg Racine
  995.    Sandy Bauer, RN (Shop Steward, BC Nurses' Union)* and (Secretary, Squamish Labour Committee)*
  996.    Wendy Phillips, Toronto
  997.       Philip Feeley
  998.       Jean Swanson
  999.       Sandy Cameron
  1000.       Agim Hadri
  1001.       Doreen Hughes
  1002.       Amal Wahhab, Montreal
  1003.       Bonnie Polivka
  1004.       E.C. ('JET') Johnson, airline captain retired
  1005.       Bruce Macdonald (Vancouver historian)
  1006.       Anna Liczmanska
  1007.       Richard Toews, writer/lecturer
  1008.       Livia Ottisova, West Vancouver
  1009.       Parviz Mirbaghi (high school teacher), Whitby, ON
  1010.       Cec Muldrew, President, MB Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
  1011.       Neil Westlake, Illustrator
  1012.       Yannick Gingras, Network Programer
  1013.       Eila T. Rauma-Male
  1014.       Tanya Rauer
  1015.       Roy Alexander, Seafood buyer
  1016.       Richard Roussin
  1017.       Chris Spannos, Vancouver Cooperative Radio*
  1018.       Alison Brown, Vancouver Cooperative Radio*
  1019.       Warren Rudd
  1020.       Gillian Sanderson, Council of Canadians*
  1021.       Dorrie Brannock, Vancouver
  1022.       Ann Nieradka
  1023.       Reg Whitaker
  1024.       Andy Bienefeld
  1025.       Etienne Christen, McGill University*
  1026.       Cat J. Zavis
  1027.       DALE NETLEY
  1028.       Renate Preuss
  1029.       Maureen Thompson, nurse BC
  1030.       Janey Dodd
  1031.       Sam Dodd
  1032.       Dave Olsen
  1033.       Andrew Adler
  1034.       Terra Poirier
  1035.       Isaac Flogg
  1036.       Stefan Schmitt
  1037.       Alex Caverly
  1038.       Petra Eck
  1039.       B Alexander
  1040.       Pedro Mora
  1041.       F Martin
  1042.       H Michell
  1043.       Deborah Neher
  1044.       Lorraine Grieves
  1045.       Francisco Tejero
  1046.       Paul Latham
  1047.       Karl Losken
  1048.       George Gidora
  1049.       Anna D'Astol
  1050.       Dirk Oostindie
  1051.       Eli Leery
  1052.       Javier Carranior
  1053.       Valerie Jackson
  1054.       Bethany Gill
  1055.       Eisbreuner Vatja
  1056.       Eberhasdt, Simone
  1057.       L Croft
  1058.       Linda Gillespie
  1059.       Niki Westman
  1060.       Gavin Ross
  1061.       Wayne Power, Intervale NB
  1062.       Mike Gillan, Langley BC
  1063.       Stephanee Mertz
  1064.       Anelea Moucto
  1065.       Jennifer Dougherty
  1066.       Rob Wynen
  1067.       Jim Hoenne
  1068.       Ria Ganpatt
  1069.       Thom Burke, Delta, BC
  1070.       Fran Burke
  1071.       Ivan Drury
  1072.       Audrey Bankley
  1073.       Andrew Bankley
  1074.       Kathy Dunster
  1075.       Flora Dunster
  1076.       Janet Murr
  1077.       Michael Mibir
  1078.       Anthony Arthur, Fort St John, BC
  1079.       Fay Gin
  1080.       Gwyn McIntosh
  1081.       Tony Dinino
  1082.       Kelly Knott
  1083.       Grant Babin
  1084.       Sam Scott
  1085.       Deizne Jewell
  1086.       Krista Tupper
  1087.       David Catcel
  1088.       Colin Mackinnon
  1089.       Alan Dumist
  1090.       Tania Pool
  1091.       Eddy Grant
  1092.       Carlos Sandoval
  1093.       Andrea Lofquist
  1094.       Terry Hewlin
  1095.       Elizabeth Payre
  1096.       Caitlin Radgett
  1097.       Lindsay Bickford
  1098.       Robert Hunter
  1099.       Lizanne Foster
  1100.       Joel Royne
  1101.       Jana Sebelona
  1102.       L Squance
  1103.       Zac McCarty
  1104.       Cris Sion
  1105.       Cal Cooper
  1106.       T Krskowsk
  1107.       Kurt Lock
  1108.       Anna Swanson
  1109.       Louze Kalahan
  1110.       Lynda Gerty
  1111.       B D Hickman, North Vancouver
  1112.       E Aspinwall
  1113.       Ricardo Hubbs
  1114.       Usman Majeed
  1115.       Emiliano Sepuheda
  1116.       Emilie Paul
  1117.       Helen Hickman
  1118.       Donovan Young
  1119.       Eric Vandervoort
  1120.       Allison Woram
  1121.       Shankar Borva
  1122.       Robert Perrault
  1123.       Elizabeth Nolan
  1124.       Steve Kisby
  1125.       Peimon Pooladi
  1126.       Lora Ostrow
  1127.       Joanne Olson
  1128.       Ray Bobb
  1129.       Emily Fischer
  1130.       Edith Toros
  1131.       Pat Mahoney
  1132.       Sharon Flight
  1133.       J Cordoni
  1134.       R Mariner
  1135.       M. K. Azanian
  1136.       Aerin Black
  1137.       Stephanie Cottell
  1138.       Debbie Barnes
  1139.       D McLellan
  1140.       Jesse Malakoe
  1141.       Anton Pilipa
  1142.       David MacFarlan
  1143.       Sima Zerhi
  1144.       Jane Talbot
  1145.       Stepan Vanicdle
  1146.       Mark Godard
  1147.       Gabriel Yorston
  1148.       Tracie Park
  1149.       K M Stanton
  1150.       Robin Bellavanee
  1151.       Bonnie Snow
  1152.       Robert Kraljii
  1153.       Ridul Casillas
  1154.       Swapna Kamath
  1155.       Cara Mackenzie
  1156.       John W Sharon
  1157.       Marie Lembesis
  1158.       Betty Newall
  1159.       Scott Ashe, Montreal
  1160.       Phil Russell
  1161.       Sarah Preece
  1162.       Lorne Peterson
  1163.       Lew MacDonald
  1164.       Floriza Gennan
  1165.       Dale Hofmann
  1166.       Erik Desbois
  1167.       Hanna Skapski
  1168.       David Colterjohn
  1169.       Laura McAuliffe
  1170.       Paul Leblanc
  1171.       Ivan Podmaroff
  1172.       Paul Coulter
  1173.       Sebastian Gracki
  1174.       John McCrystal
  1175.       Stphen Stichmann
  1176.       Andrew Broere
  1177.       Hinda Avery
  1178.       Zoleno Rusnak
  1179.       Jesse Cowern
  1180.       Dan Olson & Joanne Maciag-Olson
  1181.       Craig Dickson, Chef, Vancouver
  1182.       Lynne Garner, Prince George
  1183.       Jihad Nabil Faris
  1184.       Cherie Scott
  1185.       Patrick Edwin Cooley, Concerned Citizen
  1186.       Abby Lippman, McGill University*
  1187.       Charmaine Carr-Harris, clerical worker, Vancouver
  1188.       Jay Spark
  1189.       Mark Klein, Toronto
  1190.       David Martino
  1191.       Lori-Ann Campbell
  1192.       Dr. Thomas Smart, London Ontario
  1193.       Françoise Miquet, Montreal
  1194.       E. Tim Fish, Engineering Student, (University of Western Ontario)*
  1195.       Aaron Keeler, London, Ontario
  1196.       David Wurfel, (Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Windsor)*
  1197.       Kendra Coulter
  1198.       Katherine Austin, London Ontario
  1199.       Joseph Backus, Kingston, Ontario,
  1200.       Butheina Bechnak, Montreal
  1201.       Ali Yassir, Montreal
  1202.       Ava Guy
  1203.       Raffy Guy
  1204.       Georgina Howick Montreal, Québec
  1205.       Bruce Katz, Co-President PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity), Montreal
  1206.       Mohammed Abu Assi,, Montreal
  1207.       Francois Akel     
  1208.       Mary Tellier (Valleyview Mennonite Church, London, Ontario)*
  1209.       Dale Hildebrand, (KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives)*
  1210.       Federico Allodi, MD, Founder of the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Founder of the Canadian Medical Group of Amnesty International in Toronto
  1211.       Amjad Kayyal, Artifex Media Group
  1212.       Henry N. Lowi, Toronto
  1213.       Sagi Darali, Toronto
  1214.       Shoshana Klein
  1215.       Hamid Mousa
  1216.       David Heap, Associate Professor, French & Linguistics (University of Western Ontario)*
  1217.       Freda Guttman, artist, (Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation)*
  1218.       Tabassum Firoz (UBC)*
  1219.       Sabina Firoz
  1220.       Marwan Bawarchi
  1221.       Kirsten Forkert
  1222.       Council of Canadians, Vancouver Chapter
  1223.       Dr. Meir Amor, Concordia University* Montreal.
  1224.       Nick Bassel, London Ontario
  1225.       Stephan Unrau
  1226.       Bertrand Guenin, Waterloo, ON
  1227.       Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare, PhD candidate (University of Toronto School of Theology)*
  1228.       David MacFarlan
  1229.       Janeth Munoz
  1230.       Gloria Pavez
  1231.       Bill Hood
  1232.       Elizabeth Thor-Larsen
  1233.       Arlette Maclean
  1234.       Victoria Bakich
  1235.       Luis Covinich
  1236.       Nicole Guy
  1237.       Simonne Bernier
  1238.       Jeanne Fontaine
  1239.       Normand Breault
  1240.       Tusneem Dawood ( University of Toronto )*
  1241.       Michel Lacroix
  1242.       Eriko Ramos de Martino, Toronto
  1243.       Jean-guy Tremblay, Montreal
  1244.       Stan Squires
  1245.       Christopher Parry
  1246.       Cristina Enrich
  1247.       Bill Meyer, P.Eng. Richmond BC
  1248.       Anna Kruzynski
  1249.       Karine Lamoureux
  1250.       Paul Barrett, Computer Science / English, (University of Toronto)*
  1251.       Micheline Filion
  1252.       Chloe Flower, undergraduate (University of Toronto)*
  1253.       Sean Kemp
  1254.       Phoenix Demski-Jones
  1255.       Amanda Burkholder, Vancouver
  1256.       Lauren Jeffreys
  1257.       Joan Munro
  1258.       Ardeshir Mehta, Ottawa
  1259.       William Morrison (retired college instructor)
  1260.       Michael Christie, Brampton Ontario
  1261.       Mark Zeitoun, Water Engineer
  1262.       Andrew Mason
  1263.       Clyde Duncan
  1264.       Laurie King-Irani
  1265.       Geoff Lyon
  1266.       Brian Black
  1267.       Vera Polonicoff 
  1268.       Abdullah Riahi
  1269.       Cate Sercombe
  1270.       Cheryl Warburg
  1271.       Melanie Yearow
  1272.       Dennis Myk
  1273.       Natalie Myk
  1274.       Victoria Myk
  1275.       Dennis Myk Jr.
  1276.       Sameem Ali Shah
  1277.       David Lidov
  1278.       Ana Araujo
  1279.       Austin Stack
  1280.       Gregory Braun - Toronto, Ontario
  1281.       Amanda Burkholder -Vancouver B.C
  1282.       Lynne Trudeau, Vancouver
  1283.       Louisa Russell
  1284.       Kenneth Burningham, Recycling Plant Worker
  1285.       Tracy Anne Northey Vancouver
  1286.       Dr. Mark Crawford. Department of Political Science Malaspina-University College, Nanaimo
  1287.       Noreen Khane
  1288.       Sumayya Kassamali and Tahera Kassamali, Tayyiba Publishers
  1289.       Rabah Shihab
  1290.       Zonica Lalani-Stevens
  1291.       Mark Stevens
  1292.       Moe Lyons, Kootenay Cuts
  1293.       Linda Belanger, Ottawa, Ontario
  1294.       Howard Mount, Assistant Professor (Dept. Medicine, University of Toronto)*
  1295.       Blair Redlin
  1296.       Steve Heeren
  1297.       Melva Forsberg
  1298.       Scott Barber (potter and parent, Halifax N.S.)
  1299.       Michelle Hagenson
  1300.       Allison Kozak
  1301.       Stewart Cavers
  1302.       Alia El-Yassir
  1303.       Maurice Verhelst, Kelowna
  1304.       Rita Stang, Kelowna
  1305.       John Finch, Kelowna
  1306.       Shari McDowell, Kelowna
  1307.       Ronald Bergman, Kelowna
  1308.       Clarice Bergman, Kelowna
  1309.       Avril Tosy, Kelowna
  1310.       Sequoia Henning, Kelowna
  1311.       Ray Enright, Kelowna
  1312.       Wes Kmet, Kelowna
  1313.       Drew Penland, ISM Palestine Volunteer
  1314.       Sonja Kravec
  1315.       Matt Fodor
  1316.       Corey Germansen
  1317.       Norm Boucher
  1318.       Tamara Sulliman
  1319.       Jeff Nowers (Toronto School of Theology/University of Toronto)*
  1320.       Tim Morris
  1321.       Colleen Ross
  1322.       Salam Kitmitto
  1323.       Margaret Toye, Canadian student at Georgetown University*
  1324.       Erin Kinrade, CFUV University of Victoria Campus/Community Radio*
  1325.       Alexandre Conrad Cormier, Kelowna BC
  1326.       Erica Woolley - webmaster canadianactivist.com
  1327.       Anita Zaenker
  1328.       Claudia Ratti
  1329.       Jason Ellis, Vancouver BC
  1330.       Adrienne Montani, school trustee (Vancouver School Board)*
  1331.       David Anderson, teacher (Vancouver School Board)*
  1332.       Gina Bjarnason, Teacher (Vancouver School Board)*
  1333.       Linda Leon
  1334.       Simon Black (NDP Mississauga-Centre)*
  1335.       Kamilla Vaski (Vancouver Cooperative Radio)*
  1336.       Lara Harvester, Surrey BC
  1337.       Gloria Behren, Ottawa
  1338.       Will Hartman. CUPE Local 389(North Vancouver)*
  1339.       Tony Kuczma, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  1340.       Mike Longmoore, Windsor Ont. (retired)
  1341.       Paul Grieve, writer
  1342.       Alec (Alexander) Forbes
  1343.       Shahnaz Mouhamou, student, Ottawa
  1344.       Jean-Roch Villemaire, journalism student (La Cite collegiale)* Ottawa
  1345.       Harriet Williams
  1346.       Loai Roziya, Chilliwack BC
  1347.       Brian Yu, Vancouver, BC
  1348.       Bill Ross, Delta Ontario
  1349.       Robert Bridge, McGill '61, BEngEE
  1350.       Brian McLoughlin
  1351.       Tyee Bridge, Vancouver BC
  1352.       Brent Hammond, Victoria BC
  1353.       David Roy, Social Worker
  1354.       KV Kelly, SPP student at University of Victoria
  1355.       Martin Dufresne, Montreal men Against Sexism
  1356.       Stéphanie et Aurélie LeBlanc
  1357.       Gloria Behrens, PhD, Ottawa
  1358.       Ana Popovic, Montréal
  1359.       Ray Blessin, Kamloops, BC
  1360.       Sean Orr, Vancouver, BC
  1361.       Gabriella Lappano, Yellowknife, NT
  1362.       Bryanna Grogan, Denman Island, BC (CUPE)*
  1363.       Juli Rees, Coquitlam, BC
  1364.       Lynne Cohen, Professor, Visual Arts (Retired), University of Ottawa*
  1365.       Andrew Lugg, Professor (retired), Univeristy of Ottawa*
  1366.       John Bogardus
  1367.       Jennifer A. Voykin
  1368.       Marilyn Mahan, Victoria, BC
  1369.       Thomas Mahan, Victoria, BC
  1370.       Anne Henderson, Victoria, BC
  1371.       Shayma Saiyid, Toronto, ON
  1372.       Holly Lehna, Toronto, ON
  1373.       Rachel Gurofsky, Peterborough, ON
  1374.       Eve Bartlett, Fergus, ON
  1375.       Abraham Weizfeld, co-founder, Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians*
  1376.       Family Skapur, London, ON
  1377.       Tareq Massimi, Massachusetts U.S.A.
  1378.       Joel French, Edmonton, AB
  1379.       Najmah Mohamed, Vancouver, BC (BC Muslim Assoc)
  1380.       Garry Fry, Calgary AB
  1381.       Batool Javeria, Pakistan
  1382.       Harlene Holm, Denman Island BC
  1383.       Linda Perry, Vancouver BC
  1384.       Joanna Zilsel, Gibsons BC
  1385.       Dierdre McNeill, Vancouver BC
  1386.       Catherine Ducharme, Resourse Teacher, Canada
  1387.       Thomas D. Morison, Montréal QU
  1388.       Matthew Sloly, Toronto ON
  1389.       Mehmet Hakan Goybulak, Kelowna BC
  1390.       Fatma Yilmaz Goybulak, Kelowna BC
  1391.       Kathy Scansen-Reid, 
  1392.       Melanie Del Signore, Québec
  1393.       Pamela Zevit. Vancouver, BC
  1394.       Bernadette Keenan, Surrey, BC
  1395.       Ruth Nicol, writer, Vancouver, BC
  1396.       Dianne Varga, Kelowna, BC
  1397.       Kelly Franklin, Agent Orange researcher, Nanaimo, BC
  1398.       Mozafar Najafzadeh, Winnipeg, MB
  1399.       Andy Bond, Vancouver, BC
  1400.       Len Goveas, Vancouver, BC
  1401.       Frank Hildebrand
  1402.       Grant F. Sheffer, Coquitlam, BC
  1403.       Anastasia Nicolov (York University*), Toronto, ON
  1404.       Lee Maracle
  1405.       Melanie Del Signore, Montréal, Québec
  1406.       Kenny Daniel

Where individual names are followed by an organizational affiliation in brackets and with an asterisk (*), this is to indicate the affiliation is only for purposes of identification. When an organization as a whole has endorsed the statement, the name of the organization appears separately.

To add your name or the name of your organization to this statement write to: mailto:support@canpalnet.ca?subject=End The Occupation statement requesting to be added. Please include your name and city. We aim to promote the statement and signers publicly. Check the letters already sent out (see the links on the Activities page) for what has been done with the statement so far.

Prepared by The Canada Palestine Support Network (Canpalnet)
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Blood and Champagne
EVERY PEOPLE elevate the profession in which they excel.

If a person in the street were asked to name the area of enterprise in which we Israelis excel, his answer would probably be: Hi-Tech. And indeed, in this area we have recorded some impressive achievements. It seems as if hardly a day passes without an Israeli start-up company that was born in a garage being sold for hundreds of millions. Little Israel is one of the major hi-tech powers in the world.

But the profession in which Israel is not only one of the biggest, but the unchallenged Numero Uno is: liquidations.

This week this was proven once again. The Hebrew verb "lekhassel" - liquidate - in all its grammatical forms, currently dominates our public discourse. Respected professors debate with academic solemnity when to "liquidate" and whom. Used generals discuss with professional zeal the technicalities of "liquidation", its rules and methods. Shrewd politicians compete with each other about the number and status of the candidates for "liquidation".

INDEED, FOR a long time now there has not been such an orgy of jubilation and self-congratulation in the Israeli media as there was this week. Every reporter, every commentator, every political hack, every transient celeb interviewed on TV, on the radio and in the newspapers, was radiant with pride. We have done it! We have succeeded! We have "liquidated" Imad Mughniyeh!

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