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Coalition for Justice and Peace
in Palestine (Montreal)
April 27, 2002

The offensive led by the Israeli army in the Palestinian territories has left an unprecedented level of violence in its wake. Images of horror from the Jenin refugee camp reveal an unparalleled humanitarian disaster, with houses and hospitals destroyed and corpses buried beneath the rubble or lying in the devastated streets. The infrastructure of civil society and the Palestinian Authority - Its symbols, structures of power, institutions of government, schools, cultural centres - has been destroyed. There is a shortage of everything: water, food, clothing, medication, blankets. Thousands of persons are missing.

The Sharon government's military aggression has violated humanitarian and international law, creating a human tragedy that will leave an indelible mark on the conscience of humanity. This escalation is the continuation of a deliberate policy of occupying territory and expelling its inhabitants, a policy amounting to ethnic cleansing.

This deterioration in the situation would not have been possible without the hesitations and silent acquiescence of the international community. Nothing was done to halt the building of settlements, even while the pretence of peace negotiations continued.

The United States has a particular responsibility in this crisis because of its influence on Israeli policy and the unconditional financial and political support it has given successive Israeli governments. By demonizing the Palestinian Authority and the Palestin-ian people as a whole, the U.S. media portray Israel as victim. Too few voices question this vision. The Canadian government, through its silence and its refusal to condemn serious violations of international humanitarian law, has become an accomplice of Israeli government policy.

To unite and mobilize widely dispersed forces that seek an immediate halt to Israeli aggression and that show support for the historical demands of the Palestinian people, we are launching the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine

    • Withdrawal of the Israeli army from Palestinian towns and villages.
    • Sending of UN peacekeepers as a buffer force to protect the Palestinian population and to remain until the final resolution of the conflict.
    • Sending of an official United Nations mission to investigate all violations committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories since February 28, 2002.

    • End of the Israeli occupation.
    • Right to an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.
    • Dismantling of the Israeli settlements.
    • Right of return for Palestinian refugees.

  3. Support for United Nations resolutions, rejection of United States supervision, and establishment of a new political process that is firmly under United Nations auspices and based on international law and resolutions. In the event of an Israeli refusal to participate, application of international sanctions.

    • Ending of the policy of complacency toward Israeli aggression, occupation and colonization.
    • Denunciation of Canada's recent votes at the UN Human Rights Commission, where Canada voted against sending a mission of inquiry and voted against a resolution condemning Israel for serious violations of international humanitarian law.
    • Sending of substantial humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

List of groups who have endorsed
the platform of the demonstration on April 27, 2002
(in alphabetical order)
· Agrupación Galvarino of Chile in Montreal
· Alternatives
· The American Association of Jurists
· Les Artistes pour la Paix
· Asociación Araucaria (Chilean organisation in Montreal)
· L'Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)
· The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects
· The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF)
· The Canadian Palestinian Foundation of Quebec (CPF)
· La Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)
· Christians for Human Rights in Palestine
· Le Comité de soutien aux enfants de l'Intifada
· La Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN)
· Le Conseil central de Montréal (CSN)
· DroitVP
· L'Entraide missionnaire
· La Fédération des femmes du Québec
· Femmes en Noir
· Le Groupe d'appui de Montréal aux mères de la Place de Mai d'Argentine
· The Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation
· Medical Aid for Palestine
· The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM)
· OCVC (Objection de conscience / Voices of Conscience)
· L'Opération SalAMI
· Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)
· Parole Arabe
· Réseau international pour les droits humains
· Solidarité, Union, Coopération (SUCO)
· Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR/SDHP)
· United Muslim Students' Associations (Concordia, McGill, UdeM, UQAM)
· Universal Campaign for Human Rights and Development